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Intent, Implementation and Impact


What is your Intent for the children at Blossom and Bloom Day Nursery?

By definition, to blossom is to develop individually and to bloom is to develop within a group. We want the children to have the best possible opportunity to do those things within a safe, secure and stimulating environment. 

How will you implement that?

We will ensure a secure foundation within our setting through planning for each child's individual needs, working together with parents and other professionals and ensuring consistency and equal opportunity. We will use the Development Matters as a guideline for assessing children's progress. Our environment will always be safe, secure and stimulating and the adults working with children will have a deep and intuitive understanding of child development and what it is a child needs in order to succeed.

What will the impact be on the children? How will they benefit?

Children will leave nursery to start school as confident, resilient, kind and compassionate individuals who are aware of their own strengths and are able to speak about themselves confidently.

The Role of the Key Worker

The role of a child's key worker is essentially to be responsbile for their safety, well-being and development. From nappy changing to feeding to observing how they are developing, produce 'next steps' and tailor their care to meet their individual needs - a key worker helps the child become familiar with the setting and offers a secure and comfortable relationship with the child as well as building a trusting relationship with the parents/ carers. The children have a baseline developmental check within their first 8 weeks of their entry to nursery and then every 6 months to ensure any gaps in development are picked up and acted upon early. Learning journals take place in a paper form, each child has a file with a form which is completed by their key worker. Key workers will write up an 'intent' for each child which is what the key worker and parents together want to promote within the childs development using the Development Matters as a guideline for the learning and development requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The key worker will write up an 'implementation' which is to say how they are going to support the child to achieve their 'intent' as well as an intended 'impact' to say how this support and development will benefit the child.

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